Can switching to the cloud help your small business to flourish?

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Cloud computing isn’t just for large corporations. Switching to the cloud can carry major benefits for businesses of all sizes, including very small operations with just a few staff. Here, we take a look at the specific ways in which cloud computing can help small and medium sized businesses to grow and flourish.

File storage

Small businesses often find that they have vast amounts of data stored in files that clog up their limited computer memory space. Using a cloud system will enable you to free up your memory and store large files, including video, images and other data-heavy files, in the cloud instead of on your own servers.

This means you are not limited to your on-site capacity and that your systems will run faster and cleaner. Simply starting with a change like using Google Docs for all your text document needs, instead of Microsoft Word, can make a huge difference to how your personal laptop runs, for example. Small changes make a big difference when it comes to the cloud.

Improving access

When you keep your files in the cloud, it means that anyone in your business can access them from anywhere. You can work remotely and effectively and continue working on projects when on a work trip visiting a client, or if you are simply unable to get into the office one day.

Using the cloud means that, as an employer, you can begin to offer more flexible working options for people within your business, helping you to attract better talent and a more diverse staff. Promoting homeworking can also save small businesses a fortune on office space that will become obsolete when you improve access.

Storing your files in the cloud also means that security breaches and power outages, as well as other crises that can impact a business, will have less effect on your day to day operations. If your work is held online, rather than on local servers, your employees can continue to access the files and carry on working regardless of such crises.

Backing up data

While small businesses are not immune to cyberattacks and other crises, using the cloud means that your data is automatically backed up, reducing the risk of losing vital data. It also means that you don’t need to think about backing up data, as the cloud will do it for you and you won’t have to lift a finger.
Sharing data/efficient working
When you work through the cloud, your staff will be able to access files and share work wherever they are. Instead of holding vast shared files locally on your servers, which can only be accessed through on-site machines, your employees will be able to share files from any computer, in any location as quick as a flash.

Reducing costs

Small businesses that are looking to grow and would like to cut costs and free up some cash for investment, can benefit hugely from a move to the cloud. Cloud migration will mean you can save on hardware costs and office space costs. While other cost saving drives could impact your market position, productivity or competitiveness, cloud migration will future-proof your business, increase capacity and free up your time and energy for more strategic tasks and growth planning.


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