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Burn The Tapes! How Data Backup Is Changing

The way we backup our data is changing. We’ve been through the floppy disk stage (too big, yet not big enough…) and through the flashdrive stage (useful but limited and not secure) and we are now emerging into a new era. There’s a huge number of options out there and IT managers who are well informed about backing-up their data can become the heroes of their organisations.

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So What Does A Business Continuity Plan Actually Look Like?

Business continuity planning = boring? Well, not really. As you'll well be aware, BCP is an essential part of any organisation’s response planning. And, with you in the driving seat, you might well be the one who gets all the flak if that zombie apocalypse does finally happen and all your firm's IT kit goes up in smoke/gets eaten by zombies/stolen by vagabonds.

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