Leased Line Replacement – Your Options, Plus Some Good News

Looking for a leased line replacement? Then I've got some good news. Leased line prices have fallen substantially since you installed your leased line, so you can probably get more bandwidth for the same amount of money you're paying now.

It may take several months to replace your leased line. So, it's often worth getting a bigger connection than you currently need right now, so that as your usage increases, you'll have room to grow.

For example, if you need 10Mbps of Internet access, it may be worth getting 10Mbps of Internet access over a 100Mbps leased line, and using some of the spare bandwidth for SIP Trunks and corporate WAN traffic. SIP Trunks may enable you to reduce or eliminate your ISDN rental charges, and reduce your call charges. Some of those cost savings could make it possible for you to afford a higher-capacity leased line.

Over the past few years, Internet access has become a critical business requirement. Customers expect you to respond to their emails. Your finance team need to be able to perform credit checks on your customers. Your business development team need to be able to check out prospective customers' web sites.

It's vital that you pick a leased line provider who can offer you 24×7 support and backup connectivity options, so that faults on your leased line can be fixed fast, and your business won't be stuck without any connectivity for hours on end.

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