Leased Line Tariff Secrets – Insider Reveals The Key Factors Determining Price

Leased line tariffs depend primarily on three key pieces of information: the location you want to connect,  the speed of connection you're after, and the amount of Internet access you want.

If you're in an area that's well served for connectivity, such as central London, a 10Mbps connection will cost about twice as much as a 2Mbps connection, and a 100Mbps connection will cost about twice as much as a 10Mbps connection.

If you are buying a low bandwidth connection, such as a 2Mb leased line, you would typically choose to buy a matching amount of Internet access. However, those installing higher bandwidth connections will often buy less Internet access than their connection could support. This is because they plan to use the rest of the bandwidth for other types of traffic, such as site-to-site corporate VPN traffic, or VoIP phone calls.

Leased line tariffs vary from one location to another. For example, 2Mbps at my home costs less than half as much as 2Mbps at the home of one of my colleagues. And I've seen some locations where the price difference would be even more pronounced.

The only way to get a reliable idea of how much a leased line is likely to cost is to use a tool such as our Leased Line Tariff checker to get a price based on your exact location. It gathers prices from multiple carriers and compares them to determine which one offers the best value.