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Your monthly round-up of all that's wonderful in the world of technology, science and, y’know, weird. Plus the occasional useful thing thrown in too.

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Five IT Tickets We Bet Your Team Are Sick of Getting – and How You Can Fix Them

‘It won't turn on'. 'It's locked me out'. Computer says no? Shame. We've all been there. To celebrate the litany of frustrating requests your team will have invariably faced this year, we round-up our favourite/not favourite IT requests.

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5 Things Elon Musk Has Done - And 3 He’s Planning To

If you’ve only heard of Elon Musk as someone who was once thought to be dating actress Amber Heard, then think again.

In fact Musk, the SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal billionaire, wants to change the world. Here we list five things this modern-day genius and industrialist has done, plus three things he’s got in the pipeline...

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The 10 Best Tech Events You Need to Attend Over the Next 2 Months

All work and no play makes an IT manager a dull boy (or girl). Get out of the office, learn new skills and meet new people with our list of the best business tech, big data and cloud events happening over the rest of the year. Oh, and one in January too.

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