Business Leased Line Guide - How To Get The Best Deal

There are several strategies you can use to get a great deal on your business leased line.

Evaluate A Range of Different Carriers. Make The Carriers Fight For Your Business

When you order a business leased line, your supplier will order the underlying circuit from a wholesale provider such as BT or Virgin Media.

The wholesale pricing on offer can vary dramatically between one provider and another. And the cheapest provider varies from one location to another. The secret to getting a good deal is to get pricing from ALL of the major carriers.

Our business leased line pricing tool requests real-time pricing from all of the UK's major wholesale providers and compares their quotes to figure out which option is best at your specific location.

Consider Paying An Installation Charge, In Return For A Lower Monthly Fee

Leased line providers tend to offer free installation on contracts of three years or more. They absorb the installation costs they incur, then claw these back over the life of the contract. With interest.

You can often get a better deal by offering to pay an installation charge in return for a lower monthly charge. The payment is a one-off, whereas the monthly reduction in rental costs is ongoing.

If you're moving office, there is usually a budget set aside to pay for the move. You lets you shift some of the cost of your business leased lines out of your usual IT budget, and into the 'move budget.'

Use Your Business Leased Line To Carry Your Phone Calls

Your office phone system is connected to the public telephone network, probably by ISDN30 circuits.

By switching to SIP Trunking (over your leased line), you can reduce or eliminate your expenditure on these ISDN30 circuits. And your call costs are likely to be lower too. You can use these savings to subsidise the cost of your leased line.

As long as the VoIP traffic is prioritised on the link, there should be no difference in call quality.

Leased lines can stream vast amounts of data in both directions.

SIP Trunking makes it possible to send phone calls over a business leased line.

Buy A Central Pool of Internet Access

Let's say you have 3 site WAN, made up of three 100mb business leased lines. You COULD pay for each site to have its own 100Mb of Internet access. But this may not be the smartest move.

A better solution might be to buy a 100Mb central pool of Internet access, then share it via the WAN. This could save you hundreds of pounds per month, as your sites can borrow the spare bandwidth that other sites aren't using, reducing the aggregate amount of Internet access you need to pay for. Why pay for bandwidth you're not going to use?

Find Out How Much Your Business Leased Line Should Cost

The first step in getting a good deal is to get pricing based on quotes from a range of competing wholesale carriers. To do that, just visit this business leased line cost calculator, enter your postcode(s) and select the bandwidth you are after.

If you'd like to examine the more sophisticated options for cutting costs discussed in this article, give us a call on 020 7847 4510. We can help you figure out how much you could save by switching from ISDN to SIP, or by buying your Internet access centrally. We can also give you pricing for a wider range of bandwidth options, as well as costs for longer or shorter contracts.

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