BT Leased Line Costs - Straight From The Horse's Mouth

If you're wondering how much a BT leased line costs, you're in luck!

Query The BT Pricing Database... Almost Instantly

We're a wholesale customer of BT's, so we can find out in real-time how much a BT leased line costs.

We've set up a web site that requests wholesale leased line prices from BT and others.

It takes details of the location and the amount of bandwidth you want, then contacts BT and BT's main competitors to find out the best value option available for each site.

Get A BT Circuit, Without Having To Pay BT Retail Prices

It's worth remembering that you can order a BT leased line from companies other than BT.

BT provides lines at wholesale prices to its competitors. BT also promised the UK telecoms regulator OFCOM that BT Wholesale and BT Openreach (the divisions that provision leased line circuits) will not show favouritism towards BT's end-user Marketing division - BT Retail.

So BT's competitors can rent the EXACT same leased line from BT that BT's own retail division would use! And these competitors may charge you LESS than BT.

How BT Leased Line Costs Have Fallen

Over a decade ago, the then UK telecoms regulator OFTEL forced BT to sell leased line circuits at wholesale prices to its competitors.

The resulting competition has forced BT to cut the cost of its leased lines repeatedly.

To give you an example, over the past 15 years, the cost of a 2Mb leased line in central London drop by over 90%!

Improvements in optical networking technology also played an important role in cutting the cost of leased lines.

BT Leased Line Costs May Be Higher Than Those From Other Carriers

BT isn't the only telecommunications company that can install a leased line circuit. A number of other companies can also do so, thanks to the fibre-optic networks they've laid in the ground.

More often than not, we find that these 'alternative carriers' offer better pricing than BT.

As a carrier-independent ISP, we have relationships with a large number of carriers. We get quotes from multiple carriers so we can find which offers you the best value.

How Much Should Your Leased Line Cost?

That depends on...

  • where you are
  • the amount of bandwidth you want, and
  • the length of the contract you'd be willing to sign

To find out how much your leased line is likely to cost, visit our leased line pricing web site today.

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