BQ expands and delivers with Google Cloud

Spanish technology company BQ became a popular mobile phone company when it began to offer high-quality devices at a more affordable price than its competitors. The new strategy was a success and meant that BQ products and services were more in demand than ever before.

BQ went from providing services to several thousand local customers to providing reliable service and updates to millions of devices. Due to its rapid growth, BQ needed to find a more robust IT infrastructure as its original one, built for servicing fewer customers was built on individual virtual machines. As a result, BQ chose to migrate to Google Cloud, particularly for the use of Google Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.

Pablo Moncada, IT DevOps Team Lead, BQ said: “By moving to Google Cloud and Kubernetes Engine, we were able to scale quickly from 15 services to 350 services while reducing our cloud hosting costs by approximately 60 per cent. A team of three engineers is all we need to keep our environment running smoothly. Without Google Cloud, we would need three times as many people.”

“Since we moved to Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud, our development is much easier,” added Moncada. “There is no extra work for our team in having to manage our extensive environment, allowing us to ship faster and to focus on more strategic projects.”

Google Cloud also allows BQ to use Cloud SQL, which provides fully managed database services, which means that the company’s engineers can concentrate on improving development cycles and adding value for its customers.

BQ has now also built its business processes around Google Workspace and uses Google Drive as a central storage platform and Google Meet for staff to keep in touch while working together. They also use Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail and the calendar for seamless collaboration and reliable message delivery.

“The combination of Google Workspace and Google Cloud empowers our small team of engineers to effectively serve BQ’s employees around the world,” said Moncada. “There’s instant, reliable collaboration between our teams worldwide. The Google Workspace products are especially optimised for mobile use, so any employee at any time can effectively communicate product challenges or opportunities that we can address to ensure continued delivery of world-class services.”

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