CSE uses AWS to create a data-driven future for financial customers

The CSE Group has been providing IT solutions to the Italian banking and financial sector for nearly fifty years. To stay ahead of their competition, CSE looked at embracing new technologies and finding quicker and more flexible ways to serve their 150+ clients.

The company turned to Amazon Web Service (AWS), to develop a cloud-native data platform to provide more flexible and cost-effective IT solutions to its financial services clients.

“The support we’ve received from AWS has been fundamental to our success,” said Floriano Dian, Deputy General Manager at CSE. “It helped us to devise the best technical strategies and supported our learning curve when moving to the cloud.”

AWS has a presence in Italy, which meant that CSE had easy access to local AWS staff. To begin its shift to the cloud, AWS moved CSE's on-premises data platform into the cloud, then rebuilt it from the ground up.

AWS has a wealth of experience working with global financial institutions and all of its solutions adhere to the highest encryption and security standards, including the ability to set data access based on roles, ensuring that sensitive financial information is safe and secure.

CSE was able to make use of AWS Regions and Availability Zones, specifically the AWS Italian (Milan) Region, which ensured that its clients knew where their data was located, in order to comply with data residency regulations.

Floriano Dian, Deputy General Manager, CSE said: “Working with AWS, we realised that when you develop the talent in a company, anything is possible. Now that we’ve begun this transformation, we only see positive things for us and our clients. There is no going back—only moving forward towards greater levels of collaboration and innovation."

In moving its clients towards a more data-driven future, CSE’s new model has been named the “data-driven bank” and uses insights gained from information about its clients’ businesses to generate new services and products for customers that can drive sales and minimise risk.

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