Study: Broadband labelling could boost fibre uptake 40%

According to a new report by WIK-Consult, commissioned by CityFibre, a new labelling system with clear information for broadband products in the UK could result in a 40 per cent increase in the take-up of full-fibre broadband services.

The report utilised a consumer survey and conjoint study conducted by YouGov among a representative sample of 3,000 customers. The survey highlighted the high degree of confusion among UK consumers, with 52 per cent of respondents saying they had a full fibre connection, despite 82 per cent of the sample living in areas where full fibre was not available.

Furthermore, many respondents claimed they did not know what terms relating to broadband speed related to. 40 per cent didn’t know what "Gigabit" meant, while 45 per cent didn’t know the meaning of "Superfast "and 46 per cent were unaware what "Ultrafast" meant.

Assuming a 10 per cent take-up projection over the next eight years, the survey claims that clear and consistent information through a simple labelling system could increase take-up 40 per cent over this period. Equating to an additional 1.6 million premises by 2025.

The survey comes in the wake of a 2020 Gigabit Take-Up Advisory Group (GigaTAG) report which suggested that a labelling system for broadband packages could significantly improve full-fibre take-up. The new survey is designed to help GigaTAG as it explores approaches to increasing the UK’s adoption of gigabit broadband.

CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said: “The huge potential for broadband labelling to improve awareness, trust and take-up of Full Fibre is great news for consumers and for the country. With nationwide rollout ramping up fast, Full Fibre will soon be within easy reach of most homes and businesses. Now is the time to focus on helping them to switch, so we can unleash the economic benefits of Full Fibre as quickly as possible and bolster the investor confidence needed to complete the nationwide rollout.”