Need Fast, Reliable Access to the Internet? Leased Line Connection - the Ideal Solution for Businesses

If your business needs a reliable high-bandwidth symmetric connection to the Internet, you should consider getting an Internet leased line connection.

These provide a dedicated point-to-point link from your office to a well-connected data centre, where your leased line provider can connect it to the Internet.

Your leased line provider will enter into 'interconnect agreements' with some other ISPs, agreeing to swap Internet traffic with them. Your leased line provider will also sign a deal with one or more Internet transit providers. These can provide a connection to all the ISPs with which your ISP does not have peering arrangements.

Your Internet leased line connection is dedicated solely to use by your company. Even at peak times, your connection speed is unaffected by what other customers do.

That's not to say that your Internet access might not slow down at peak times. However a leased line ensures your connection won't suffer as a result of there being inadequate amounts of backhaul capacity linking you to your ISP.

There are many uses to which an Internet leased line connection can be put. Companies use them for sending and receiving email, web traffic, backing up data to an off-site location, uploading files to web servers and even enabling staff to connect to work computers from home.

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