Leased Line Quote Secrets – How Prices Are Determined, and How to Get a Great Price Fast

If you want a UK leased line quote you can request one easily by visiting a site such as ours. It gets leased line quotes from multiple UK carriers, in real-time, then generates a custom quote based on the specific address you enter.

There are several factors that greatly affect the price of your leased line quote.

Location greatly affects your Leased Line quote

Some areas such as central London can get ridiculously low prices. Other locations, such as rural areas in Scotland and Wales can be ridiculously expensive. Even some suburban areas come up with surprising results.

The key issue is how far away you are from the major telecoms networks. In city centres, alternative carriers are often cheaper than BT Wholesale. As you move away from their coverage areas, BT's wholesale division is sometimes your cheapest option.

Connection Speed does too

Another factor affecting your leased line quote is the speed of connection you're after. The faster the connection you want, the more it will cost. However, it's not a linear relationship. For example, 10Mbit/s leased lines don't cost 5 times as much as 2Mbit/s ones. It's more like twice as much. Similarly 100Mbit/s leased lines don't cost 10 times as  much as 10Mbit/s ones. They usually cost between two and four times as much.

Check Whether Internet Access Is Included Or Whether It's Charged For Separately

It's worth remembering that a leased line quote does not necessarily include Internet access. A leased line is simply a dedicated symmetric data circuit. If you want Internet access, it's worth checking whether or not that's included in the price you've received.

Contract Length

Most leased lines are sold on 3 year or 5 year contracts. It is possible to get them on 1, 2 and 4 year contracts too.

4 or 5 year contracts tend to offer slightly better pricing than 3 year ones.

3 year ones usually offer far better pricing than 1 or 2 year contracts.

Network Upgrades and Competition

Although we tend to think of telecoms as being a utility, like water and gas, it is actually a rapidly evolving, very competitive market. Right now, vast amounts of engineering work are going on to upgrade the UK telecom networks. This work will result in lower prices for most businesses. So as time goes on, expect the pricing on leased line quotes to fall.