BT Leased Line - How To Get One More Cheaply

If you're after a BT Leased Line, you may be surprised to learn that you may get a better deal by buying it from one of BT's competitors!

UK Regulators Force BT To Sell Leased Line Circuits at Wholesale Prices!

Back in March 2001, the UK communications regulator OFTEL ordered BT to provide its leased line circuits at wholesale prices, to competing providers.

OFTEL's successor OFCOM got BT to agree not to give BT's retail division special treatment. So when BT Retail order from BT Wholesale or BT Openreach, they get treated just like any other wholesale customer.

How This Benefits You

This means that you can use BT's large UK national network without having to pay the mark-up that BT Retail demands.

You can get a BT Leased Line circuit through a customer of BT Wholesale and BT Openreach. There are dozens of those.

So, you can shop around, while still being confident that your leased line's underlying circuit is provided by a major company that's been around for decades.

BT Leased Lines Aren't Your Only Option

There are several other carriers you should consider, besides BT, if you want to get the best price.

For example, Virgin Media don't only provide cable TV to consumers. They also provide lease line circuits on a wholesale basis to dozens of business ISPs.

Colt, Neos and Verizon also circuits on a wholesale basis.

If you order from a carrier-independent business ISP, you can get the best of all worlds. You can use the networks of BT, Virgin, Colt, Neos and others. And you can also pick and choose the circuit supplpier based on which one offers best value at your location. It may be BT, it may be Virgin, it may be some other provider.

BT isn't always the cheapest option

While BT has the largest UK network, it isn't always the cheapest option.

We buy well over a million pounds of leased line circuits each year. For almost every quote, our systems provide us with pricing from both BT and from its competitors. In a majority of cases, the BT lease line circuit pricing is the more expensive.

We've nothing against BT. We spend a fortune with them. In some areas of the country there network is the best option. But they know they can get away with charging a premium, and they usually do.

Instant BT Leased Line Prices

We have a direct connection to the BT lease line pricing engine, which lets us get pricing from BT Wholesale and BT Openreach in real-time.

As BT isn't usually the cheapest option, we also get real-time pricing from a number of other carriers.

To find out how much a leased line would cost you, visit our free instant leased line pricing tool.

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