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Amazingly, We've Now Published Over 1300 Articles About UK Connectivity

It seems hard to believe, but we've now published over 1300 articles about UK leased lines, broadband network upgrades and related tech news. 

We'd like to thank all our readers, as well as our talented editorial team for helping us achieve this milestone.

VPN vs Leased Line - Comparing The Security

VPNs and leased lines have security issues that could potentially impact the privacy and accessibility of your business's connections. Find out what they are, and what you can do to mitigate the risks.

Business Leased Line Guide - How To Get The Best Deal

You can get a better deal on your business leased line if you use one of these strategies. We reveal what they are, so you can decide which ones are right for your business.

Leased Line Alternatives - What To Do If You Can't Afford a Leased Line

If you'd like a leased line, but can't afford even a cheap one, you may be in luck. There are quite a few leased line alternatives.

Leased Line Alternative #1: ADSL

ADSL is asymmetric. Unlike a leased line, the upload speed doesn't match the download speed.

Secondly, ADSL is usually contended, rather than dedicated. This means that your connection might slow down at peak times when lots of other users are trying to use their connections at the same time as you.

BT Leased Line Costs - Straight From The Horse's Mouth

If you're wondering how much a BT leased line costs, you're in luck!

Query the BT pricing database... almost instantly. 

We're a wholesale customer of BT's, so we can find out in real-time how much a BT leased line costs.

BT Leased Line Prices - The Insider's Guide

As a wholesale customer of BT, we've requested and received over 370,000 BT leased line prices! In fact, we probably know more about BT's pricing than many people in BT!

We've also got pricing from BT's main competitors, to the same locations, enabling us to see how BT's prices compare to those from other leased line circuit providers.

How We Came To Request Over 1,400,000 Quotes

hSo is a carrier-independent provider of leased lines and corporate WANs.

BT Leased Line - How To Get One More Cheaply

If you're after a BT Leased Line, you may be surprised to learn that you may get a better deal by buying it from one of BT's competitors!

UK Regulators Force BT To Sell Leased Line Circuits at Wholesale Prices!

Back in March 2001, the UK communications regulator OFTEL ordered BT to provide its leased line circuits at wholesale prices, to competing providers.

OFTEL's successor OFCOM got BT to agree not to give BT's retail division special treatment. So when BT Retail order from BT Wholesale or BT Openreach, they get treated just like any other wholesale customer.

Digital Leased Line – What It Is and Why It's Useful To Businesses

Back in the 1950′s, 1960′s and 1970′s a leased line meant a hotline, dedicated old-fashioned analogue telephone line, linking two sites.

However for the past few decades the phrase has come to mean a fixed bandwidth dedicated symmetric digital connection between two sites.

So when people talk of a leased line, they almost always mean a digital leased line. Usually, they mean a point-to-point ethernet circuit.

Need Fast, Reliable Access to the Internet? Leased Line Connection - the Ideal Solution for Businesses

If your business needs a reliable high-bandwidth symmetric connection to the Internet, you should consider getting an Internet leased line connection.

These provide a dedicated point-to-point link from your office to a well-connected data centre, where your leased line provider can connect it to the Internet.

Leased Line Guide – Getting Great Connectivity For Your Business

A leased line is a dedicated, symmetric fixed-bandwidth connection between two sites.

Businesses use leased lines to connect their offices to the Internet, and to connect offices to other offices.

A leased line is a dedicated connection. That means that the bandwidth is reserved solely for use by one company. The connection won't slow down at peak times.

Leased lines are symmetric. They can send data just as quickly as they can receive it. That contrasts with most ADSL connections which offer a fast download speed but a very slow upload speed.


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