10mb Leased Line – Why So Many UK Businesses Get One

A 10MB leased line is a point-to-point dedicated data connection with a speed of 10Mbit/s available in both directions.

Why are 10MB leased lines so popular?

It’s enough bandwidth for converged communications

10MB is one of the most popular speeds for leased lines, because it provides enough bandwidth to simultaneously carry some Internet traffic, some corporate WAN traffic and some VoIP telephone calls as well. A 2Mbit/s connection would probably struggle with all that lot.

Falling prices, cause ‘free’ upgrades…

One reason 10MB circuits are popular is that connectivity prices have fallen dramatically, causing many firms to be able to upgrade from a 2MB leased line to a 10MB leased line without an increase in their monthly bill.

Upgrades needed to cope with rising usage

In the same period, the usage of the company’s leased line will have ramped up, as corporate VPN traffic increases and web sites become more video-heavy. This makes a bandwidth upgrade advisable, particularly given that most leased line contracts are for 2 years or more, and usage is only likely to increase over the next few years.

A 10MB leased Line that SAVES you money?

If your phone system connects to the telephone network via ISDN30 circuits, you may actually be able to save money by switching to a 10MB leased line, and running SIP trunks over the top of it. The money you’d have spent on ISDN30 circuit rental charges can then be switched to paying towards your leased line. Your call charges may also fall, as VoIP calls made over SIP Trunks are often cheaper than calls made over ISDN30 circuits.