Leased Line WAN Connections – Bringing Your Offices Together

Leased line WAN connections enable you to link your business's sites together.

One way to do this would be to give each office a leased line. Each leased line would connect to your WAN provider's nearest point of presence.

Your WAN provider would link the leased lines together - using its core network - in such a way that you could quickly send data between your offices.

Your WAN provider could also add additional services that would increase the usefulness of your wide area network. Internet access is a popular service to add, so too is SIP Trunking.

Your leased line WAN connections don't all have to be the same size. Your head office could get a 10Mbit/s connection, while your smaller regional offices could each get 2Mbit/s.

Besides linking your offices together, your WAN could also increase the resilience of your business. If you were to let key staff connect to your WAN via their existing Internet connections, using IP VPN software, you could protect your business against some of the disruptive effects of heavy snow, rail strikes and staff illnesses.

You could use your leased line WAN connections to carry phone calls.  You could reduce or eliminate your ISDN bills by sending your phone calls over your WAN using SIP trunks. This would put an end to you having to spend a fortune on ISDN30 circuits, which are little more than over-priced 2Mb connections to the phone network. Not only are leased lines cheaper bit-for-bit than ISDN circuits, the calls made over leased lines are usually cheaper too.