Comparison of Leased Line Costs By Contract Length - How 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year Contracts Differ

How much you pay for a leased line partly depends on the connection speed you choose, but pricing is far from linear

Leased Line Contract Length Comparison

Let's imagine that 10 Downing Street wants a 100Mbps leased line, on a 100Mbps bearer circuit. How would different contract lengths affect the price, at the time we last updated the pricing below (June 2020).

Speed/Bearer Contract length Installation Charge Monthly Rental
100Mbps/100Mbps 1 year £2035 £261.80
100Mbps/100Mbps 2 years £1480 £283.61
100Mbps/100Mbps 3 years £0 £286.31
100Mps/100Mbps 4 years £0 £249.84
100Mps/100Mbps 5 years £0 £230.98

As the prices of new leased lines tend to fall over time, it's not usually worth getting a 4 or 5 year contract. Three-year contracts are the norm.

We wouldn't generally recommend people sign a contract that's 12 months long, as the leased line installation charges are usually quite steep. If you sign one lasting 36 months, you may often pay no installation charge at all, provided that the site survey doesn't come back with nasty surprises that merit excess construction charges (ECCs).

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