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Stranger things could happen: the decline of the telephone landline

Well, the second series of Stranger Things has been on television screens – at least web-enabled ones – for almost a week now, and most of those familiar with the spooky going-ons in Hawkins, Indiana will be up to date on what awaits Eleven and co.

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How the world's top firms have embraced the remote work model

Office-phobes rejoice - remote working is quickly becoming the norm for 21st century workers! No longer do you have to deal with boring water-cooler chats, washing machine politics or the risk of having your lunch stolen from the fridge: the office of the future is based wherever you would like it to be.

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Bimodal IT: Out-dated concept or valid strategy?

It’s easy to label ageing technology as obsolete without really considering whether or not it could have a place in the modern world. However, when it comes to Bimodal IT, many CIOs still hold the belief that it remains the best environment for fostering innovation*.

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No PBX? No Problem! Hosted VoIP Sees 31% Surge in 2015, to 2 Million UK Business Lines

It's not just server applications that are migrating to the cloud. Business telephony is heading there too.

That's according to the latest research by telecoms consultancy Cavell Group.

It found that UK business demand for hosted VoIP services surged by 31.9% in 2015, bringing the total number of seats (end-user subscriptions) to 2,175,065.

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How to Avoid the Winter Travel Chaos

Brace yourself, winter travel chaos is coming.

The Met Office has predicted colder and wetter weather than usual in December and January. With this warning comes the very real risk of employees failing to show up for work due to weather and transport woes, which will cause major disruption to businesses across the UK.

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Working From Home? Here’s How To Be Super-Productive

Planning to work from home? Here’s how to make your work-from-home day incredibly productive:

1. Set An Objective For The Day To Complete Sizeable Tasks A, B and C. Don’t Let The Work Day End Till You’ve Completed Them

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Dear Customer, Please Pay Us LESS

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but some of our customers are paying us too much money.

How? By renting ISDN30 circuits when they could switch to SIP Trunks and save themselves a packet.

God knows we've tried to tell them:

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The Business Case for Homeworking – How ‘Working From Home’ Can Benefit Your Business

Every day, millions of people waste an hour travelling on packed trains and congested roads, at great expense, to get to offices where they'll do work that could just as easily have been done at home.

Your company's employees are likely to be among them.

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