Google Cloud allows fashion retailer to focus on innovation

Polish fashion retailer LPP launched its first ecommerce platform in 2011. Just seven years later, the company found that its legacy infrastructure wasn’t enough to keep up with the volume of customers it was attracting.

LPP serves customers across 38 countries and operates under five brand names: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, and Sinsay. The company not only designs, manufactures and distributes clothes and accessories, it also develops technology strategies to support its omnichannel approach to sales and give customers a seamless shopping experience.

“We operate in the fashion industry but we’ve long been a tech-oriented company,” said Marek Maciejewski, Head of IT Service Operations at LPP.

To cope with growing demand and busy periods such as Black Friday and seasonal sales, in 2019, LPP decided to migrate to the cloud and chose Google Cloud as its strategic digital partner.

“Developing and investing in ecommerce technology is necessary to meet current expectations of customers and ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience for them,” said LPP’s Omnichannel Director Arkadiusz Rucinski. “We have ambitious plans for the next few years, so we have decided to engage with Google Cloud as an experienced partner who provides us with both the know-how and the infrastructure and tools we need to build and maintain our ecommerce sites.”

Within just six weeks the company had migrated its first brand, Mohito, to Google Cloud and found that it could easily and automatically scale up and down according to demand.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people relied even more heavily on online shopping and LPP was able to continue its migration and instantly automate how it worked.

“Previously, it took weeks to launch new instances for each brand. Today, it takes seconds: we simply launch a new machine, deploy the code, and changes are reflected automatically across our environment,” said Marek.

LPP is now able to use the data collected via Google Cloud to better understand its business, marketing activities and clients. The move has also meant that 90 per cent of the engineers' time has been freed up to focus on creating innovative solutions, instead of managing infrastructure. LPP is also working with a team from Google Ads to grow its online presence.

“Thanks to the automation and scalability enabled by Google Cloud, we can focus on applying our innovative thinking to support our main business goal,” says Marek, “Which is designing great fashion and delivering it to our customers around the world.”

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