Online GP service improves patient care with Microsoft Azure

Doctor Care Anywhere is a UK-based healthcare firm providing online consultation services and digital tools for video and phone GP appointments, prescription services, employee health services, health tracking and patient notes.

The company’s primary focus is to use technology in order to deliver equal or improved clinical outcomes. Dr Bayju Thakar, Co-Founder and Director of Doctor Care Anywhere, explained: “As we move into a new world of digital healthcare, the challenges are how can we get people to adopt a new way of working and show them the benefits of that way of working.”

In recent years, the company has grown to cover around 2.5 million patients and supports thousands of clinicians in the UK, Ireland and Australia. The company built its services on Microsoft Azure, due to the security and technology features it offered and the support provided by the Microsoft Team.

Doctor Care Anywhere Chief Information Officer Mark Findlater commented: “The bit I love about working with Microsoft is the newest incarnation of the Azure DevOps platform which is facilitating really rapid deployment of new technologies with a security-backed, risk-evaluated approach.”

Using Microsoft Azure has enabled the company to build a secure, easy to use platform that patients can trust and which gives them all the information they need at their fingertips. The platform also provides clinicians with improved patient access, as well as tools to help join up the often-complex healthcare system and bring costs down for the payer.

Mark Findlater continued: “We work closely with our clinicians, our clinical leads, our panel of GPs, our associate medical directors to try to build out the best clinical experience. We’re now building out a lot more software that’s going to drive utilisation… this will again touch on Azure Machine Learning, and the Azure data platform such as Azure Application Gateway, Azure Application Insights, Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL Database - everything we can do to help the GPs make the appropriate decision with the consultation.”

Dr Bayju Thakar added: “Our success over the last eight years has been immense, but there’s so much more to come in the future through the smarter use of technology. Smarter tools for our clinicians will make their lives easier, give them better information to make better diagnoses and better management plans and a much smarter electronic health record. These are hugely exciting times.”

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