Arneg turns to AWS to predict customer needs

Arneg is a global leader in the manufacture of refrigeration units for supermarkets, distributing to over 100 countries. The nature of Arneg’s work means it must meet stringent service-level agreements with its customers, providing around-the-clock support, around the world, every day.

Previously, Arneg had operated with a locally hosted system that alerted them when a malfunction occurred with one of their refrigeration units. This reactive model increased costs and made customer service less efficient. The company opted to develop a more proactive solution using the cloud and eventually settled on AWS.

Arneg soon realised that in order to develop the predictive maintenance solution it required, cut costs and continue evolving, it would need to become completely cloud optimised. The company realised that AWS microservices would enable it to alter and improve its existing functions and get the full benefits of cloud architecture.

The company uses IoT devices in its units to collect data, including failures, temperature and energy consumption, which is then sent to the cloud for processing. Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Forecast were used for the predictive model. This model is able to collect 11 million IoT records on a daily basis and model them within hours, a process which could previously take months.

The model can alert Arneg prior to a likely event occurring, giving the team advance time to monitor and notify maintenance personnel ahead of time if necessary. So far, the predictive model has registered 80 per cent accuracy and this figure is set to improve as Arneg continues compiling data.

The company’s cloud solution enabled it to seamlessly integrate services and its next move was to migrate its customer service to AWS. This process, utilising the Amazon Connect contact centre, was driven by Arneg’s need to make calls quicker and more efficient and reduce time spent on customer data.

Once this system is in place, the company will be able to trace requests and analytics in close to real time, while KPIs will be used to continually monitor and optimise the performance of its units. This is just the start, however, and Arneg plans to continue using AWS to help it focus on its core business.