TIM uses Microsoft Azure to gain greater insights and improve customer entertainments

TIM uses Microsoft Azure to gain greater insights and improve customer entertainments

Telecom Italia (TIM) is a leading telecoms company in Italy and, in recent years, has sought to rapidly expand its entertainment offering. The company has launched on-demand movie and TV streaming platform TIMVISIOn, music platform TIMMUSIC and video game streaming service TIMGAMES.

In order to make its entertainment services as comprehensive and exciting to customers as possible, TIM sought a technology solution that could provide deeper insight into what its users want. This would enable it to offer custom-designed services to its users whilst also remaining compliant with security and confidentiality regulations.

TIM opted to achieve this by migrating its data-analytics service to Microsoft Azure, using cloud technology to optimise its data analysis for deeper, more effective customer insights. Services including Azure Data Lake and Microsoft SQL server are now used to analyse huge amounts of data without the need for a costly infrastructure.

Microsoft Power BI is used to transform information from across TIM’s systems into insights, while intuitive graphics enable the company to make quicker, smarter decisions. Azure Kubernetes Service, meanwhile, has been used to deploy a scalable infrastructure which has drastically reduced management costs for TIMVISION.

With Azure’s machine learning capacity, TIMVISION is now able to suggest new content to viewers based on their previous choices. Advanced analytics also allow the company to gain valuable insights into what content is most popular, helping it to decide how to expand its library and increase engagement. These insights also help the company to produce personalised marketing for users and suggest upgrades that they may be interested in.

Discussing the migration, TIM’s Head of Multimedia & Digital Services Mario D’Angelo said: “We’ve put the computing power of Microsoft Azure to work to transform a simple reporting system into an advanced environment for clustering and text analytics.”

“With a thorough understanding of customers’ needs that we derive from Microsoft cloud computing, we can offer custom-designed products without having to manage sensitive information.”

(Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/tv-man-watching-ro)

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