Tesco Mobile offers improved customer service with Azure

Tesco Mobile offers improved customer service with Azure

Tesco Mobile has grown to be one of the biggest mobile networks in Europe, serving more than 400,000 customers in Ireland alone, with its success rooted in customer service and an understanding of customer wants and needs derived through analytics.

Partnering with digital transformation firm Client Solutions, Tesco Mobile embarked on a strategic transformation as it looked to meet its growth objectives while not outgrowing its IT infrastructure.

Namely, Tesco Mobile sought to upscale its business, improve its customer experiences and analytics and improve the speed of business online and in its retail stores. Client Solutions’ expertise in the cloud architecture of Microsoft Azure ensured that Tesco Mobile was well placed to meet its objectives.

Together with Client Solutions, Tesco Mobile developed its public-facing portal my.tescomobile.ie, which allowed the company to access the scale it required to serve its growing client base, while ensuring the optimisation of its overall customer experience. Client Solutions re-platformed Tesco Mobile’s customer interfacing solution suite, which it hosted within Microsoft Azure.

The ambition of Tesco Mobile, combined with the expertise brought by Client Solutions and the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud technology resulted in a solution that was highly appraised by the executive teams at all three partner firms.

My.tescomobile.ie, hosted on Microsoft Azure, offers increased self-service, as well as greater control and transparency, while allowing the customer service team to improve their offering.

Microsoft Azure’s suite of solutions enables Tesco Mobile teams in customer service, finance, business intelligence, sales and senior management to better understand user experience, ultimately enabling improved service.

Moreover, with Azure Data Platform, Tesco Mobile has accessed greater flexibility, vastly improving the speed of its analytical processing, which in turn enables faster decision-making.

According to Client Solutions director Leo Murphy: “The cloud migration program will be truly transformative for Tesco Mobile and its customers.”

Looking to the future, Tesco Mobile Ireland Chairman Geoff Byrne said: “The innovation, creativity, and value-for-money products that Tesco Mobile brings to the Irish market ensure that our customer base will continue to grow.”

On the company’s partnership with Client Solutions, Byrne added: “We look forward to working with Client Solutions to continue to improve service to our mobile customers every day.”

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