Teemo processes more customer data with Google Cloud Platform

Teemo processes more customer data with Google Cloud Platform

Location intelligence platform Teemo uses big data to help retailers with traditional physical stores entice moew customers. As well as targeting and driving customers to the location, Teemo also measures in-store visits.

“Thanks to our use of geolocation data, companies can target shoppers and deliver ads relevant to their location history, and then accurately measure how many physical visits a particular campaign has generated,” said Guillaume Charhon, Co-founder and CTO at Teemo. “To do that, we collect large quantities of anonymised data through our app partnerships, and use algorithms to offer relevant key analyses to our customers, such as the number of visits per store, length of visit, and so on."

To feed its algorithms, Teemo needs to process large volumes of data. To do this in a straightforward way, the company turned to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as it is not only easy to use, but powerful, highly secure, and scalable.

“We wanted to start feeding data into the platform very early on, before we were even certain exactly how we would use it,” said Guillaume. “It needed to work from the launch of the very first application partnership.”

“With GCP, managed services like Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Dataproc really take the burden away from the operations team. There’s very little maintenance from our side so we can focus on optimising the platform and the accuracy of the information we provide for our clients.”

Teemo built its platform on GCP and created a data pipeline using Compute Engine with Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Dataflow which feeds data into BigQuery and Cloud Bigtable.

“Implementing the infrastructure was very straightforward, it took only a few months to develop,” said Guillaume. “It’s thanks to BigQuery that we are able to match the advertisement to a particular person. We index data by day in BigQuery, and by geographical location in Cloud Bigtable. That means we can locate relevant data much more quickly. We then run our smart algorithms using on-demand Cloud Dataflow clusters based on this data to prove a customer has visited a store.”

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