Spendee builds resilient infrastructure with Google Cloud

Spendee builds resilient infrastructure with Google Cloud

Every month, Spendee allows around 200,000 users to keep track of how they are spending their money. Started as an app by Czech startup Cleevio in 2016, Spendee was spun out into its own company within a year and has gained a worldwide user base.

When it became a separate company, Spendee also had to rethink its infrastructure, opting to replace Cleevio’s hosted servers with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

CTO Josef Martinec says: “We saw it as an opportunity to make things better. We had to migrate, so why not take the time to think about things like scalability and growth? With Google we could do that with the limited resources of a startup.”

In 2017, the company won a spot on the Google Launchpad Accelerator program. This deepened its adoption of GCP and it teamed up with Google Cloud Premier Partner Revolgy to explore how to optimize GCP for its future growth.

Revolgy advised an initial migration to set Spendee up, which was accomplished in two weeks. Firstly, Spendee’s existing virtual machine architecture was moved to Google Compute Engine. Google Cloud Deployment Manager simplified the process and enabled easy redeployment.

Spendee’s existing SQL database then moved to Google Cloud SQL, while Google Stackdriver was used for monitoring and logging and Google Cloud Load Balancing was used to deal with unexpected traffic surges. Meanwhile, the company used Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) to gain a security solution with granular permissions.

Revolgy COO Pavel Krejsa says: “With Cloud IAM, we could set up a solution where Spendee can give us at Revolgy all the access we need to manage the infrastructure properly, but it helps keep the company’s assets safe and secure.”

Since moving to GCP with Revolgy, SPendee has gained a world-class security system to protect it and its users’ financial data. This gives the company both reliability and peace of mind, enabling easy replication and backup.

Crucially, GCP has freed the company’s IT team up to focus on its product, rather than its infrastructure.

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