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hSo’s guide to Hosted Virtualisation

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  • Virtualisation and its benefits
  • What’s stopping some people doing it
  • How hosted virtualisation works
Each client needed a separate virtual environment. A layer of VMware® virtualisation would protect data security and system stability, and let NJW update each client’s installation independently.

NJW case study

No hardware needed

You can just focus on the applications. Your provider takes care of the hardware and hosting environment.

Reliability and uptime

The best hosting firms ensure reliability through high-end hardware, multiple data centres and a resilient platform.


Don’t spend a fortune building your own platform from scratch. Choose a provider that offers pay-as-you-grow pricing instead.

24/7 Monitoring

Choose around-the-clock monitoring and support to keep your applications running smoothly.


Using a scalable hosting platform supports organisational growth.


Strong physical security and customised firewall rules can keep your data secure.

Lets you shift your focus

You’d rather focus on developing your software and its use, not being constantly side-tracked by maintaining the infrastructure that delivers it.

Partitioned resources

Different customers can get their own separate virtual machines (VMs) and firewall. This improves uptime and security.


By provisioning your applications over a layer of virtualisation, it becomes feasible to move them to a different hosting platform at a later date, without having to reinstall everything.

Why choose hSo for a SaaS-friendly hosting environment

At hSo, we'll provide you with the secure, reliable and scalable environment that’s ideal for SaaS

6 reasons to choose hSo for SaaS-friendly hosted virtualisation

  • Our system is designed to provide resilience. It's hosted in multiple data centres which are linked together by multiple 10Gb/s circuits
  • We offer 24/7 UK-based support and back our service with SLAs.
  • hSo is ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certified. We go the extra mile in how we deliver Quality, Information Security, and IT Service Management.
  • Our service is built on VMware® vSphere, the leading virtualisation software, making it easy to move to our platform (or away from it).
  • Our platform is trusted by organisations that depend on high levels of security, e.g. financial organisations.
  • We can closely integrate your hosting with related services, such as dedicated connectivity, co-location and automated data backup.

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