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Benefits of IT Agility

Free up time

Let your IT team re-prioritise. Cloud providers can manage all the provisioning, maintenance and monitoring for you.

Faster applications

Moving IT resources from HQ to the Cloud boosts responsiveness, e.g. for secondary site users, remote workers and your clients using your website.

Improved reliability

The best hosting comes with dual power feeds, resilient connectivity, enterprise-grade hardware and 24x7 monitoring.

Scalable solutions

Cloud services are designed to scale well – they have spare capacity on hand, ready for demand spikes and growing use.

Banish hardware bills

There's no need to spend a fortune on buying or maintaining high-spec hardware. Just rent the capacity you need.

Rapid deployment

The hardware, software, hosting and connectivity underpinning your new services are already in place, so setup is quick.

More bang for your buck

Cloud providers get better pricing than you can directly. They build large scale platforms and focus on running them.

Simplified IT

By sharing IT resources between sites, you have fewer servers and devices to support, gaining economies of scale.

Enhanced security

You can choose managed firewall services to protect your network perimeter.


hSo’s guide to Cloud Computing

Our FREE guide explains...

  • The benefits of Cloud Computing, in detail
  • The potential pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
  • The pros & cons of your various options

Why choose hSo to enhance your IT agility?

We've been helping turn 'Cloud computing' into practical business benefits for well over a decade.

6 reasons to pick hSo for your Cloud project:

  • hSo’s complete range of Cloud-based services includes: co-location, Internet Transit, Cloud peering, hosted VMware® virtualisation, online backup, email filtering, web filtering, managed VPNs, hosted firewalls and hosted PBXs.
  • We're an ISP in our own right. So we can connect your offices or shops directly into our data centres using fast, low-latency connections.
  • Our services are backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and come with 24/7 support entirely based in the UK.
  • Our hosted VMware® platform gives you full control of your server estate, while sparing you from maintaining hardware. Our platform is hosted in multiple data centres and uses geo-clustering to enhance resilience.
  • Our hosted services are immensely scalable. For example, hSo Online Backup & Recovery backs up terabytes of data, and our email filtering service protects millions of end-users.
  • Our platform and technology are relied upon by organisations that demand high security, including major financial institutions.
Co-location hosting was set up in an hSo data centre, which became both Look Ahead’s DR centre and primary network point. All DR tests have been successful... They effectively use it as a warm site, with live equipment real-time replicating from their primary production system.

Look Ahead case study

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