VoIP for Homeworking

Feature-rich telephony for staff not in the office

hSo’s Voice for Homeworking is ideal for businesses that want an efficient way for staff to work from home or from client sites.

Staff can take their office phone functionality with them and access services such as voicemail, via a feature-rich VoIP handset or soft-phone computer software.

Why choose hSo’s VoIP for Homeworking?

Use your office number

Remote workers can make and receive calls using their office phone number.

Full functionality

Staff can use the same features they have in the office, e.g. voicemail, speed-dial and caller display.

Cost control

Keep control of staff call costs with a single itemised bill.

Free internal calls

No need to spend a fortune on calls to staff mobiles – or on reimbursing calls made from them.

Complete solution

When it's combined with hSo’s SSL VPN, it gives staff everything they need to work productively from home.

Proven track record

hSo was one of the first UK ISPs to deploy VoIP. This complements our expertise in network infrastructure.

Additional Benefits

Compliance friendly

Our VoIP for Homeworking solution can integrate with your office phone system, extending your call tracking capabilities to home-workers.

24/7 UK support

Our telephony specialists are all in the UK and available at all hours to keep everything running smoothly.

hSo’s guide to Remote Working

Our FREE guide explains how to...

  • Give staff secure access to their files and emails
  • Extend the office phone system to home use
  • Ensure your staff are working, not shirking

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