Online Backup & Recovery

Back up your data off-site automatically

Manual backup up exposes your business to risk, for example through lost or damaged tapes and misplaced files. And the danger is compounded if you have multiple sites.

hSo Online Backup & Recovery is an automated service that ensures Business Continuity by backing up all your data daily, without business interruption.

It stores mission-critical data in a high availability environment for rapid retrieval.

Why choose hSo Online Backup & Recovery?

Remove human error

By giving you automated backups via the Internet, we reduce the human error risks. We add 24/7 human oversight, so you get the best of both worlds.


Data is stored in a secure, world-class data centre, and is protected with 256-bit AES encryption.


Get granular control over your backups, including timing, the number of generations stored, and archiving preferences.

Rapid recovery

Should data loss occur, restore lost/corrupted files quickly and easily. No more searching through tapes – begin restoring in seconds via the net.


hSo Online Backup & Recovery backs up terabytes of data from hundreds of sites.

Fast and non-disruptive

Incremental backup speeds up the process and minimises both bandwidth use and storage costs.

Additional Benefits

Business Continuity expertise

We can combine hSo Online Backup & Recovery with services such as Hosted Virtualisation to help you protect your business. And should the worse happen, we can help you recover and rebuild your IT infrastructure.


ISO 27001

Our Information Security processes are independently certified to ISO 27001 standards.


hSo Online Backup & Recovery supports all major business databases and operating systems . And it has native support for VMware® virtual machines.



It has agentless architecture, reducing the amount of software needed. It’s also quick to set up.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your critical data is being securely protected lets you focus your energy on running your business.

hSo’s guide to Business Continuity

Our FREE guide reveals...

  • The easy way to prepare a thorough DR plan
  • Overlooked business threats
  • Immediate steps to cut your exposure
“We wanted an affordable, highly secure solution that would regularly back up our data off-site and make it easily retrievable. The hSo team provided a one-stop solution, integrated into a wider resilient network solution fit for our global communication needs...”
Nader Djalai,

IT Project Manager, Swiss Finance Corporation

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