Internet Access

Flexible, business-grade Internet access

In today’s business environment, downtime isn’t an option and adequate Internet access simply isn’t enough.

The answer is hSo Internet Access. Non-contended and resilient, it plugs you straight into the Internet via a dedicated link. Using our 20+ world-class data centres, it delivers flexible, true business-grade connectivity with unmetered bandwidth.

Why choose hSo Internet Access?

Extra resilience options

We can combine circuits to deliver high levels of uptime. And we can install a backup failover connection, in case an issue occurs with your main circuit.

Full range of speeds

From 2Mb to 10,000Mb (10Gb).

UK leader in IP Peering

hSo directly peers the vast majority of its traffic. We have many peering partners, IX memberships and data centres. Get better connectivity with less latency / jitter.

24/7 UK Support

Our UK-based technicians are always on hand to help keep everything running smoothly.

Reliably monitored for you

We proactively monitor your circuit 24/7, ready to nip in the bud any potential issues. Our service can be fully managed and is backed by rigorous SLAs too.

Dependable connectivity

We offer dedicated, uncontended bandwidth to maximise your Internet uptime and speed.

Additional Benefits

Free installation

We offer FREE installation on contracts of three years or more.


Triple reassurance

Independent auditors check the quality of our services. They have certified hSo for Quality (ISO 9001), Information Security (ISO 27001) and IT Service Management (ISO 20000).

Flexibility to meet all needs

Whatever the type of your business or size of your budget, we can tailor our range of uncontended solutions to your needs. From a 'fat pipe' connection for your main office, to small office or home office links over telephone lines.


Delivered as part of a wider solution

We can deliver the leased line as part of a wider solution, for example one that incorporates Internet Access and a WAN.

We work with ALL major UK network carriers

  ADSL Leased Line (using EFM) Leased Line (using fibre)
Maximum possible download speed Depends on location. Up to 20Mb Up to 35Mb OR up to 20Mb 10,000Mb
Typical download speed Varies a lot by location. 0.5Mb to 13Mb 2Mb, 4Mb, 6Mb, 8Mb, 10Mb 2Mb, 10Mb, 20Mb,100Mb
Typical upload speed Depends on location. Up to 800kb Same as download speed Same as download speed
Unmetered? Download limits often apply Unmetered Unmetered
Connection type 1 phone line 2-8 phone lines, depending on carrier 1 fibre-optic cable
Typical installation time 2 weeks (10 working days) 6 weeks (30 working days) 3-4 months (60-90 working days)
Fix time for physical circuit fault Days 1 working day or less. Unlikely to take that long. 1 working day or less. Unlikely to take that long.

hSo’s guide to Leased Lines

Our FREE guide explains...

  • What a leased line is and what its benefits are
  • How it compares to competing technologies
  • How to uncover the best leased line pricing
“The quality of our VOIP traffic has noticeably improved... Internet downtime has been close to zero too. The reliability and quality of the Internet connectivity has been key in letting us offer our new range of 24/7 reporting and dashboard services.”
Juha Hemminki,

IT Manager, Infocorp Ltd.

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