Email & Web Filtering

Block viruses, spam and inappropriate content

Malicious email is on the rise and businesses face a growing threat of staff accidentally browsing malware-infected websites.

hSo’s filtering services can unobtrusively scan your email and web traffic to stop these threats harming your business.

Why choose hSo Email Filtering and hSo Web Filtering?

No hardware needed

hSo’s Cloud-based service is easy to implement and unobtrusive. No need to buy/house/patch hardware.

Ahead of the game

Our filters are continually updated to ward off threats that your desktop software may not recognise yet.

Proven technology

We use Symantec technology that’s trusted by over 10 million users and 30,000 businesses.

Whole-network protection

Desktop-based software only protects individual desktops. Our network-level filtering can protect every device on your network.

Safeguard every site

Our solution doesn't just protect your main office. It can protect all your other sites too, as well as your home-working staff.

Secure perimeter

When the scanners detect inbound threats like viruses, they block them before they can even reach your network perimeter.

Additional Benefits

Usage-based pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of users protected. As your organisation grows, you can easily add protection for additional users.


Content filtering options

We can help ensure your users don't view or send inappropriate material.

Part of a broader solution

We can combine the filtering with related services – such as Internet access, VPNs and site-to-site connectivity – to give you an integrated solution.


Triple reassurance

We back up our claims. Independent auditors have certified hSo for Information Security (ISO 27001), Quality (ISO 9001) and IT Service Management (ISO 20000).

“hSo’s Email Filtering service protects us from virus attacks and spam messages whilst the Web Filtering ensures our users avoid harmful web sites. hSo also responds quickly to adjust the filtering services to suit our needs, so I’m very pleased with these security services.”
Kevin Lau,

IT Manager, Falko

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