Supercharge your connectivity with hSo's managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service.

Ensure your organisation's digital transformation strategy is ahead of the game with technology that will solve WAN traffic challenges. SD-WAN replaces traditional branch office routers with appliances that assess and utilise different transport technologies based on their performance and/or availability. The result is a more flexible, cost-effective and efficient service that will easily connect branch offices over large distances, through software defined networking (SDN) over internet, WAN and mobile connections.

Why hSo Managed SD-WAN?

Embrace multi-cloud connectivity

SD-WAN allows optimisation of local connectivity for use with cloud services. Traditional managed network services such as MPLS, which link branches to a centralised data centre, can’t offer low latency/high performance access to cloud applications. SD-WAN can.


Using hSo’s SD-WAN service, you’ll be able to use any connectivity option. This means you’ll avoid long lead times for circuits, avoid expensive long-distance MPLS circuits and use what is already in place.


SD-WAN appliances provide threat protection and visibility for Internet traffic. All SD-WAN appliances are policy based (firewalls), so, you can rest assured that your connection will be safe.

Better resilience

SD-WAN uses software and cloud-based technologies to simplify delivery of WAN services to the branch office. The result is faster failover based on application and not routing. The software-based virtualisation enables network abstraction that allows use of multiple circuits and technologies.

Application level management of traffic

Harness the ability to separate the underlying infrastructure from the overlay network. Allow for orchestration and automation, as well as traffic management. The result is an augmented service.


Our SD-WAN offering comes with built-in visibility so you will be always in control of usage levels and performance on the network. Receive detailed visibility on application-level traffic flows to keep your service functional.

Additional Benefits

New Network - Fully managed SD-WAN deployment

hSo provides carrier-independent, cost-effective circuits, so you can rest assured that you receive commercial flexibility in Opex and Capex models.


24/7 Technical support

Our UK-based technicians are on hand, day and night, to help you and keep everything running smoothly. Benefit from our UK and International based network and support.

Existing Network – SD-WAN Overlay

hSo provides managed SD-WAN appliances and creates overlay SD-WAN. Optionally, hSo can take over the management of connectivity suppliers.


Choice of trusted technology

We are proud to have achieved various certificates which recognise our services and expertise. hSo’s services are independently audited for IT Service Management (ISO 20000), Quality (ISO 9001) and Information Security (ISO 27001). We have also achieved CAS(T), G-Cloud 10 and HSCN Government recognition.

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