Microsoft Azure helps NewDay move from financial services provider to FinTech

Microsoft Azure helps NewDay move from financial services provider to FinTech

Consumer credit financial services firm NewDay have 5.4 million UK customers and issue close to a million credit cards a year via retailers at point-of-sale. Its mission statement is to “help people be better with credit” and the company is partnered with brands including Amazon, TUI and the Arcadia Group.

However, the company had even more ambitious growth plans and, in order to fulfil these, it migrated its infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. NewDay Director of IT & Digital Bernhard Kainz says: “We wanted to go from a standard, plain vanilla financial services company, to one that is really great at technology. Microsoft Azure gives us the next-generation architecture we need to become a hybrid of a financial services company, and a FinTech.”

Since migrating, the company has seen numerous benefits, most notably in its customer experience. Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Sharma details the transformation Azure has brought to NewDay’s customer experience: “Now I have one common platform: E-servicing, mobile app, chatbots, voicebots, the agent desktop, everything. We have truly transformed how we now deliver the customer experience.”

Sanjay Sharma has also noted a massive improvement in NewDay’s speed bringing new products to market with Azure, saying: “If I have to launch a new mobile app for a new retail partner, I can do that in one week's time. In the past I would be lucky if I can even think about even launching a mobile app in 6 months’ time. That’s so important for us.”

Azure has also lead to quicker innovation at NewDay, according to Marketing Director Lisa Gervis: “With this platform I love the idea of being able to think of a campaign, a new product, a brand and then quickly launch it for a client. Rather than just the product being great, we can actually make the experience great as well.”

Sanjay Sharma succinctly summed up the overall success of NewDay’s migration to Azure: “We are super ambitious, that's why this innovation part of the Microsoft platform is so important to us. We want to provide an outstanding customer experience. So, we sit on the innovation in Azure, to provide our own innovation. It’s fantastic and I feel so excited about the future.”


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