Life sciences company streamlines data collection with AWS

Life sciences company streamlines data collection with AWS

uMotif is a life sciences company delivering fresh approaches to clinical trials that place the patients in the centre of the research. But to have patients drop out or fail to submit their data correctly can be costly and cause errors in the data timeline. With the help of AWS, it has successfully streamlined this process to deliver a more accurate and cost-effective solution.

The company has created a simple cloud-based platform that supports patients, investigators and sponsors during its clinical trials. The technology used by uMotif offers a compliant platform that supports global research by reducing pressure on patients to submit their data.

Commenting on the solution, uMotif CEO Bruce Hellman described the advancement as "hugely exciting".

"Using new technology and putting patients more at the heart of clinical research helps researchers collect larger volumes of high quality data," he said. "Our secure and compliant app can be downloaded on a patient’s own device meaning they can enter data virtually. This removes the burden, and potential bias in the data, of visiting a site as well being able to reach new patient populations in remote locations."

By choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS), uMotif has been able to easily scale the platform to accommodate studies of all sizes, from a few dozen participants to research requiring data collection from tens of thousands of patients.

uMotif's AWS infrastructure make it easy for researchers to deploy increased capacity during times of high traffic, while also allowing for the integration of additional systems where required. Furthermore, the AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) protected API endpoints, blocking viruses and malicious attacks.

In addition, the AWS-enabled platform offers global hosting capabilities and language translation tools, as well as a secure cloud infrastructure that ensures it can safely be deployed anywhere in the world.

"Using AWS allows us to deploy fast and scale quickly when traffic increases and enables us to configure and deploy studies consistently and securely," says Hellman. "Working in life sciences, it’s critical that our platform is secure and audit-ready at any time."


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