Insider improves personalisation for customers and cuts costs with AWS

Insider improves personalisation for customers and cuts costs with AWS

With 24 offices worldwide, Insider helps businesses to increase their customer engagement and drive sales through personalised customer experiences across a range of different digital channels.

Insider’s Growth Management Platform (GMP) is used by digital marketers around the world to accelerate growth in areas ranging from customer acquisition and revenue. The GMP provides real-time prediction of customer behaviour, helping marketers to personalise communications in order to acquire and retain customers.

Working around the clock, the GMP collects anonymous user data while offline and through fixed and mobile web and apps. The platform can then rapidly categorise data and predict behaviours, before personalising interactions with a user based on these categorisations. To keep this process reliable, the company’s team need to focus on developing code, rather than platform management.

In order to gain high quality platform management, Insider turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS), while utilising Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to keep management expenses under control. Without these solutions, Insider would need a team of at least 50 staff.

Driven by this desire for improvement, Insider began using AWS Lambda. Lambda runs code without the need to provision servers and enables Insider to distribute messages rapidly and cost-effectively. Insider’s Founder and Head of Mobile Business Unit Kadir Evren Baykan said: “AWS Lambda functions have helped deliver hundreds of millions of push notifications 30 percent faster, increasing the probability of customer engagement.”

Working with AWS, Insider has continued its growth, with digital marketers at over 1,000 organisations now using its GMP. In order to continue enhancing its service, the firm is using Amazon Aurora to update customer dashboards in the space of milliseconds.

Meanwhile, using Amazon DynamoDB as a fast, flexible NoSQL database, Insider’s GMP can now categorise visitors within 25 milliseconds. On its previous NoSQL database solution, this process took 500 milliseconds, with categorisation speeds now increased by 95 per cent.


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