Financial institutions platform increases efficiency with AWS

Financial institutions platform increases efficiency with AWS

Kurtosys DXM, a digital experience platform for financial institutions, creates and manages complex websites for its clients. However, being in the financial services industry makes this job more complicated compared to other industries. Kurtosys’ clients must meet certain regulatory requirements, such as the timely removal of old content and a high level of security for all sensitive data.

Kurtosys has always had the responsibility of setting up data centres and hosting when onboarding a client in a new region, so, in order to cut down costs and speed up this process, the company decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the DXM platform. Migrating to AWS has enabled the to smooth out these processes and, as a result, expand its operations globally.

Sunil Odedra, global head of technology at Kurtosys, said: “Moving our DXM platform to AWS was a huge success. We decided to move to AWS in early January and went live, with major customers running their websites on it, by the first week of June. This wasn’t just a proof of concept. It was amazing how much faster our developers could move using AWS.”

Moving to AWS has also given Kurtosys far more flexibility in serving its global customers and allowed it to quickly deploy services in new regions in order to meet customer demand or comply with regulations. Since using AWS, the company has expanded into a new region in the European Union in just four weeks and can now open other new regions even quicker.

Since moving the DXM platform to AWS, Kurtosys has also migrated the rest of its workloads and applications to AWS. This included over 200 virtual machines, some legacy workloads and led to increased use of the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). During the migration, Kurtosys used the AWS Migration Acceleration Program to speed up the process.

The developers and operations staff at Kurtosys have also benefitted from workshops which have equipped the firm with increased knowledge and confidence as well as improved tools, enabling staff to work faster and more efficiently than ever.


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