Fashion ecommerce brand builds scalable infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform

Fashion ecommerce brand builds scalable infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform

Spanish ecommerce fashion brand Esdemarca was founded in 2007 and has grown to now sell thousands of items from approximately 400 brands. Operating across Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom, Esdemarca offers 24-hour delivery to more than 1.5 million registered users.

By 2016, this growth in customer traffic had started to wear on the company’s web infrastructure. Heading into the busy Black Friday period, the website began to experience serious issues, with the company’s on-premises system unable to cope with the volume of traffic. This led to multiple outages and forced the company to limit its marketing campaigns in order to slow incoming traffic.

With Black Friday a week away and Christmas looming afterwards, the retailer decided it required a reliable, scalable cloud-based infrastructure and opted to build this with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The company migrated its stack over to Google Compute Engine, harnessing robust cloud infrastructure, while autoscaling on Cloud Load Balancing enabled it to prime its web store for the season’s huge peaks in traffic. Finally, per minute billing with Google helped Esdemarca keep costs to a minimum.

The reliability offered by GCP has helped the company to overcome its technical issues and focus on selling and continuing its growth. On Black Friday, the week following its migration, the company’s website registered record traffic and sales figures without going down. This excellent service continued, with no outages over the Christmas period.

By the following year, it had doubled the number of items it was selling. Furthermore, using a replica of its original GCP stack, it launched a new website, Esdebikers, selling motorcycle accessories. Esdemarca also began exploring how to incorporate Google Machine Learning tools into its ecommerce offering.

Esdemarca’s CEO and founder Esteban Blázquez said: “What Google Cloud Platform has given me is the ability to focus on my business. I don't want to think of hosting, or technology issues, or outages. I want to focus on my business, foster relationships with my suppliers and provide great customer service.”

“When you get technical problems every day, you begin to have a technical mindset and it’s hard to keep your passion. I need focus and passion to keep growing my business. I get both of those with Google.”


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