Ensono migrates Mazars to the Azure cloud

Ensono migrates Mazars to the Azure cloud

Mazars, an international accountancy and advisory firm headquartered in the UK, serves over 18,000 professionals and has revenues in excess of £1.3 billion. The business’ datacenter was located in its central London offices, working 9-5 but sitting unused at other times, using resources and requiring maintenance.

Mazars had initially run all of its infrastructure services for its 270 worldwide locations from its central London offices. However, the company needed to enable its end users to work more flexibly and remotely, while freeing up its IT team to focus more on business value services. As a result, Mazars decided to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

When deciding on a UK-based firm to manage its Azure cloud migration services, Mazars sought a firm that was recognised by Microsoft and could provide its Azure environment with ongoing managed service. Mazars in the end opted for 2018 Microsoft Datacenter Transformation Partner of the Year Award winner Ensono.

Mazars CTO David Bennett said: “We wanted someone with experience deploying and migrating on a global scale, because often that’s not as easy as flicking a switch. Ensono and Microsoft both have a deep understanding of modernising an infrastructure.”

Utilising solutions including Azure IaaS, Operations Management Suite, Citrix Cloud, Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Ensono was able to design, implement and configure Mazars’ migration. Ensono also used its governance, security and management system Hyper Cloud Platform, which provides clients with full visibility of their Azure platform.

Migrating to Azure with Ensono means that Mazars can rely on continued managed service in the form of servers, maintenance or IT support. Since migrating, Mazars has seen a reduction in latency for its over 2,000 global Citrix users, as well as improved user experience, cost savings on real estate, as well as a competitive advantage through being able to deliver client-specific apps from Azure.

Mazars has been able to identify over $50,000 in cost-saving opportunities, derived from governance and optimisation, with Hyper Cloud Platform.

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