Cleaning and hygiene leader helps customers deliver services with Azure

Cleaning and hygiene leader helps customers deliver services with Azure

Stockholm-based Essity is a global leader in cleaning and hygiene. It offers professional products and cleaning solutions across 150 countries, helping cleaners and managers ensure their facilities are always clean and well-stocked.

Having invested in its Internet-of-Things-based facility management solution Tork EasyCube, Essity chose Microsoft Azure as the base technology platform that would enable it to be more, flexible, scalable and, ultimately, more innovative.

Essity’s IT Director of Business Technology for IoT Erik Flood says: “We saw Microsoft as the ideal choice, because of both its strong technology offerings and strategic business knowledge. Azure offers a wide variety of services that can be used in a modular approach, so we can continually adapt our solutions to incorporate new technologies. It is an exceptional modern development ecosystem.”

Crucially, Essity uses Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, which allows it to digitally model spaces and gain deeper insights into ecosystems, allowing the company to deliver innovative new products. Erik Flood said: “We look to Azure Digital Twins to better understand the environments where our Tork products and services are used so we can deliver innovative new solutions for our customers.”

“The ability to properly map a physical building into a digital representation is a core of our business—with it, we can look beyond whether a paper towel dispenser needs refilling and analyze the entire cleaning ecosystem and all the people involved in it. By using Azure Digital Twins, a lot of that modeling work is done for us, which makes it easy for us to focus on the business logic and analytics that add value for our customers.”

Essity Technology Lead for IoT Platform Johan Nordholm added: “We’ve very much made Azure Digital Twins the backbone of our current solutions and our plans for future offerings. We use it to model our version of physical reality and then break that down from a topology perspective. We also model our different products, devices, and data within Azure Digital Twins.”


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