With Big Data Comes Big Laughs...

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We at hSo are incredibly passionate about big data and the trends and analysis companies can get out of it. Over the past few weeks, we've covered big data, what it is and its flaws and benefits. With the amount of data and different solutions offered as well as jobs, there comes, of course, the parody twitter and tumblr accounts. We've also seen the memes that have risen out of the movement. So, here, we thought we'd share some of the funnier tweets and images we've come across regarding big data:

  1. CEOs discovering big data for the very first time!


  1. Learning all the new jargon to go with big data

Actionable analytics big data cloud humour


  1. Data mining looking for those insights:

Opinions big data


  1. Data accuracy taken a little bit too far...

data accuracy metrics


  1. Keeping the data secure

hackers big data security firewall


  1. Finding insights in the data:

data insights anonymity internet


  1. Predicting the future with big data:

mother big data


  1. Attempting to fool predictive data:

predictive data analytics football sports


  1. Bill Gates view on data analysis:

bill gates data excel


  1. Sherlock Holmes sums it up best:
  1. Being a big data consultant:
  1. Say big data one more time:


And finally, a personal favourite of mine. Imagine finding this out:


Big data, for all its humour, has had a significant impact on businesses over recent years. It's going to be interesting to see where it's headed and what it will help achieve. 

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