Five IT Tickets We Bet Your Team Are Sick of Getting – and How You Can Fix Them

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‘It won't turn on'. 'It's locked me out'. Computer says no? Shame. We've all been there. To celebrate the litany of frustrating requests your team will have invariably faced this year, we round-up our favourite/not favourite IT requests.

Your IT team are a busy bunch, right? Lots of calls to take, tickets to action, trips out to replace hardware. In fact, a fair chunk of your team’s time is probably spent dealing with frivolous or irrelevant calls that only serve to take up the desk’s time and effort. Time and effort, as you well know, that would be better spent fixing actual IT problems.

If you find staff at your firm are asking simple questions about IT they should definitely be able to answer right now, we’ve compiled a list of five of the most frustrating IT calls your team is no doubt sick of getting. Plus some tips for cutting them out completely.

‘I’ve forgotten my password’

The main reason for forgotten passwords? Simple forgetfulness: 88 per cent of adults say they have simply forgotten their password and had to have it reset.

How to fix it: To reduce password-reset calls coming through to your team, consider investing in a password manager that remembers your team’s passwords so they don’t have to. Or you could better-educate them that, in some cases, they might well be able to reset their password themselves, without ever needing to pick up the phone. Or, consider switching to two- or three-way authentication, banishing passwords altogether.

‘How do I get my email on my new smartphone?’

Their smartphone, not a work one. Ah, the realm of personal devices. Bring-your-own-device may be all the rage, but when staff start phoning your desk to ask support workers for help with personal tech issues you could well have a problem. While there’s nothing wrong with helping out if it’s a quick fix, you don't want your lines to be jammed with requests for how to download Facebook, sync Gmail and install Whatsapp.

How to fix it: Introduce or strengthen your IT and bring-your-own-device policy. Make it clear what is and isn’t allowed. The line between personal and corporate device is becoming increasingly blurred – perhaps it’s time to harden the edges a little?

‘I can’t get to grips with this new system. How do I use it?’

Now, you might be in the same boat here. It’s not unusual for a firm to, apropos of nothing, suddenly announce a new tech roll-out – a new content management system, say, or private server – but without really letting the IT dept know about it in good time. This can result in a flood of calls to the help desk as frustrated users try to get to grips with some new system or other. And if the tech bods don’t know about it, then who the heck does?

How to fix it: Engage with management early on as soon as you get wind of any new platforms or systems they want to bring in. Ensure your team is fully briefed before the rest of the workforce is. And run training sessions to ensure everyone’s aware to ensure a smooth transition.

‘The internet’s down, what’s going on?’

When outages happen – unplanned or otherwise – IT desks can often be flooded with incoming calls from users all wanting to report the problem. There’s nothing wrong with that, but random outages can and do happen, resulting in a very busy IT department all fielding the same call. This is especially prevalent for unplanned outages, but it happens during planned breaks too.

How to fix it: Ensure any planned patches of network downtime are properly communicated to staff – send out emails well in advance, put posters up on walls, tell people at the water cooler (well, maybe not). For unplanned outages at really large organisations, you could consider putting out a default automated message that explains the problem is logged and is being dealt with.

‘I’ve spilt coffee all over my machine’

Cue department-wide eye-roll.

What are your not-so-favourite IT help desk requests? Let us know.

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