Bank improves productivity and access with G Suite and Cloud Search

Bank improves productivity and access with G Suite and Cloud Search

BPER Banca is the sixth largest banking group in Italy, a country famed for its historic banks. An acquisitive operator, BPER has grown to serve 2.7 million customers throughout Italy from over 1,450 branches and with close to 11,000 staff. In the face of such growth, BPER’s leadership sought to increase digitization in order to boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

With an outdated legacy environment, BPER contacted Google Cloud Premier Partner Innext to seek advice. BPER was looking for a solution that would enable projects to come to life faster and more simply and that could give users more control over devices and data. Innext advised BPER to turn to G Suite and Cloud Search.

Relying on email to transfer and share documents and having to compile feedback from multiple documents often impeded collaboration at the bank. But Banca was soon able to start migrating up to 1,000 employees a month to G Suite, giving them access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides and allowing them to collaborate quicker and easier.

BPER Chief Operating Officer Gianluca Formenton said: “G Suite and Cloud Search have completely transformed how we work. To transfer files, we share links. We don’t have email storage limits, so we don’t archive. The results of our search are immediate.”

Beyond these benefits, Google Cloud has enabled BPER to reduce time and resources spent on maintenance and security, thanks to the native security features and automatic updates in G Suite. G Suite also enables BPER to remain GDPR compliant without extra expense and can help it better protect sensitive personal data.

Overall, however, the biggest change BPER has seen with Google Cloud has been to its culture, with increased opennes and collaboration. According to Gianluca Formenton: “We expect an increase in productivity, but above all an improvement in the quality of work by our employees, which will result in better customer service and a better bottom line.”


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