Hosted VMware®

Ideal hosting for your applications

hSo combines world-leading VMWare virtualisation software with enterprise-grade hosting to create the perfect environment for your applications.

We take care of the hardware, the hosting and the virtualisation layer, letting you focus on the applications themselves. You can just rent the VMs you need.

Our platform features VMware vSphere®, high-spec servers and SANs, hosting in secure UK data centres, automatic data backup, and 24x7 monitoring.

Why choose hSo’s Hosted VMware?


Our platform is tried and tested. Just rent the capacity you need. Save time and money building your own.

World-leading software

Our platform uses VMware vSphere® – renowned for reliability, compatibility and scalability.


The hosting can evolve as your business grows. Add RAM, SAN storage etc to your VMs – without downtime.

24/7 UK Support

Our UK-based technicians are available at any time to help you.


We can control access to your VMs by combining firewalls, VPNs and dedicated circuits. Choose whether VMs are private or public.

Robust platform

We use multiple servers and data centres.

Additional Benefits

Triple reassurance

hSo is proud to hold certifications for Quality (ISO 9001), Information Security (ISO 27001) and IT Service Management (ISO 20000). We also provide comprehensive SLAs.


Reliably backed up

We regularly perform VM-level backups to all VMs in order to minimise the risk of data loss.

Dedicated resources

We reserve RAM, processors and disk space solely for use by your VMs.


Budgetry certainty

Our group VM options let you sign up for a fixed-price bundle of resources, then allocate them as needed.

Complete cloud solution

hSo provides the WAN too, so you have responsive connectivity at each site


Easy migration of existing VMs

It’s easy to migrate existing VMware VMs to our platform, or to move any VMs we host to your own platform at a later date.

hSo’s guide to hosted virtualisation

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  • What’s stopping some people doing it
  • How hosted virtualisation works

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“We’re pushing the hosted service against an open door.”
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Chief Operating Officer, NJW

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